Why Shop With Us?

We have worked for years studying Chinese culture and found Miao minority silver jewelry to be some of the most impressive items in the whole country. We bring these jewels directly to you from the Miao artisans themselves, and every one of our pieces was handpicked based on quality, beauty, and the difficulty of the work.

How We Serve You

  • Bring you unique Miao silver jewelry not found anywhere else
  • Provide a staff of Chinese experts ready to answer questions and concerns
  • Guarantee the high quality of your handmade jewels, made by master silversmiths
  • Come from years of experience in China for fast, no-hassle service
  • Offer a free newsletter to keep you informed and updated on Miao culture and special deals

Our Guarantee

The Miao artists who created our jewels are extremely skilled craftsmen. We are proud to be able to guarantee their workmanship. As such jewels are very difficult to make, the Miao jewelers can only avail us a limited quantity at any time during the year. We apologize if there are none in stock at the time of your order.