About Us

Our team of seasoned veterans has spent years researching, visiting, and writing about the Miao people and their silver jewelry.

Here are personal statements from each of us:

Fine Handmade Miao Silver Jewelry: Our Team


C. Liu

Hi, I’m C. Liu, English editor, and I’ve been researching and writing articles about all kinds of fascinating pieces of Chinese culture for years. I come from a small town in the middle of China and enjoy life in the bustling city of Beijing. A fan of Peking Opera, I also love exciting TV shows like racing and soccer. The most unforgettable thing: standing on the Tibetan plateau, at 5,000 meters above sea level, to watch the beautiful sunset glowing over a snowy mountain.










V. Xu

Hi! My name is V. Ma, I was born and raised near the fabled Chinese Huangshan Mountains. I majored in English and Tourism before moving to Beijing several years ago. I am passionate about helping people from other countries discover China, its culture, and its diversity. I really look forward to helping you in any way I can!












A. Lee

I’m A. Lee, the video production manager. I worked for a French TV channel and French film company Canal+  before joining this team. I spent 4 years in France and Europe, and I truly enjoyed the multicultural atmosphere there. Traveling and sports are great ways to pass the time, and having an adventuresome life is a dream! I hope to show you my beautiful country by making great videos. Every moment in this city, there are so many amazing things happening, so just keep an eye out!










A. Lao

I’m A. Lao, I can speak 5 languages, and I’m now seeking a new adventure in Beijing. A southerner from Guangxi province, I grew up accustomed to the ultra-conservative "deep-south" traditions, “barbarian” culture, and delicious Cantonese cuisine. As open-minded and tolerant as I am towards everything from Western democracy to Japanese cartoons, I can’t stand the fact that most people in China refuse to wear the traditional Han-style clothes. As a lover of animals, I secretly advocate the idea that this country should be taken over by giant pandas.









J. Liu

I’m J. Liu, a pure Beijing-born guy. I’m a video editor, and growing up in this big international city with its long history has made me a fan of all kinds of films and videos, especially those with expensive, beautiful special effects. I’m competitive, and play a pretty good game of basketball. I’m happy and motivated in life. Every day is wonderful!












D. Lawson

Hi, my name is D. Lawson, and I’m the chief editor of the writing team here. I’ve lived in China on three occasions for almost two years combined, and now I’m very excited to be in Beijing! I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.













C. Zhang

Hi, I'm C. Zhang, a cheerful girl born in Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city. Four years ago I came to Beijing to become an English tour guide, and I never left. I love this city for its marvelous history, beautiful scenery, and gorgeous artwork.













A. Lu

I’m A. Lu, the “super” cameraman from Hunan province in southwestern China. Living and working in Beijing allows me to enjoy Chinese culture every day. I work hard, but love life and have lots of hobbies like reading, painting, photography, and swimming. My motto? Be happy in life and enjoy your work.











J. Jin

Hi, I’m J. Jin, the video editor from Jilin province in northeastern China. I love our capital Beijing, and I also love video editing. The old history and culture of Beijing and the unique, gorgeous artwork China produces give me great material to work with. Every time I finish a video clip, I especially hope that the people who watched it will have the same great ideas about Beijing as I do. So please come to share the happiness with me.











M. Qiao

I’m M. Qiao, the marketing manager here, and I was born and educated in the northeastern part of China. I enjoy music, sports, and cooking. I like special and creative things, so I try to mix different seasonings and cook in new ways. Sometimes my dishes are delicious, sometimes not so much, but it’s still fun. Beijing is full of new challenges that I’ve never faced before, and it’s these parts of my life that make my days in this city really valuable.












Y. Sheng

Hi, I’m Y. Sheng, a video editor. Maybe the clip you just watched was made by me! You know why I do this? Because I’m a big fan of films. I will watch every kind of film except horror movies, because I am afraid of those. Yes, I like sleeping too. Someone said that sleeping is waste of time, but I don't think so. Because you can dream when you fall  asleep. Every dream is a fantastic adventure that is even better than any Hollywood blockbuster!










D. Cheng

I’m D. Cheng, an English editor. I come from a town not far from the Yellow River, an area that is the cradle of Chinese civilization. Since childhood, I have been amazed by the many myths and legends said to happen around my town. That’s why I decided to study history in college. History allows us to understand other people, and I appreciate the chance my job affords me to write articles and help you understand China too!