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Exquisite Butterfly Ring It Is

Your lovely butterfly silver jewel

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Price in Paris:  $ 219.55
Our Direct Price:  $ 93.28

Look at this gorgeous silver jewel!  A butterfly is swooping in to rest on your finger! Can you feel her soft, sweet kiss?


This handmade, 99.9% pure silver long butterfly ring adds a touch of springtime to your look, and raises your spirits as you get those admiring glances.


Check out the butterfly flying onto your silver band, her wings giving your finger a warm hug. The intricate workmanship makes it so vivid.


Notice the fine details on the head and spirals on the body; the silversmith’s extra attention is sure to delight all who see it.


Fully stretched wings extend from the band and are dotted with beautiful coils. Tightly arranged silver slices ensure a stable framework and make your jewel last forever.

And the band itself fits any finger, because it’s flexible and can open and close for a tight fit.


How Nice It Is

A solid silver jewel crafted from 99.9% pure silver

This captivating long butterfly ring was crafted by a proficient Chinese Miao artisan. It took him days to complete this piece. The secret techniques he used have been passed down in his family for hundreds of years.


Local anecdote: The Miao have a long tradition of dressing up their look with beautiful silver jewelry. Miao women like to wear 8 rings on the 8 fingers of both hands, with only their thumbs free. Some rings are over half the length of their fingers. When you go to their markets to buy silver jewelry, they will rub the jewel on a black stone. If the jewel leaves a white mark, then it is truly made of the purest silver.


This 6.5 gram long butterfly ring is 40 mm long and 22 mm wide. What a perfect adornment for your beautiful, slim fingers!


Please note: As such rings are very difficult to make, the Miao jewelers can only avail us a limited quantity at any time during the year. We apologize if there are none in stock at the time of your order.


Guarantees: The Miao artist who created this jewel is an extremely skilled craftsman. We are proud to be able to guarantee his workmanship. Please note that barely visible imperfections are the telltale signs this jewel was handmade.



Price in Paris:  $ 219.55
Our Direct Price:  $ 93.28


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