Capture This Silver Jewel Before She Flies Away


Exquisite Butterfly Ring It Is

Your lovely butterfly silver jewel

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Price in Paris:  $ 219.55
Our Direct Price:  $ 93.28

Look at this gorgeous silver jewel!  A butterfly is swooping in to rest on your finger! Can you feel her soft, sweet kiss?


This handmade, 99.9% pure silver long butterfly ring adds a touch of springtime to your look, and raises your spirits as you get those admiring glances.


Check out the butterfly flying onto your silver band, her wings giving your finger a warm hug. The intricate workmanship makes it so vivid.


Notice the fine details on the head and spirals on the body; the silversmith’s extra attention is sure to delight all who see it.


Fully stretched wings extend from the band and are dotted with beautiful coils. Tightly arranged silver slices ensure a stable framework and make your jewel last forever.

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