Spires Silver Jewel Lends You A Cool Pop Star Look

The Miao spires bracelet

Your meticulously crafted Spires Silver  Jewel

Price in Paris:  $ 834.87
Our Direct Price:  $ 356.16

This enchanting Spires silver jewel adds an exotic touch to your wrist and attracts glances with its shimmering beauty.


Shining spires encircle the wide cuff, and stick up from their grooved base.


Each spire was carefully hand shaped and is topped with a round, smooth silver sphere.


Take a look at the intricate lines woven along both sides of the central pattern. The silver threads stand out and add to the unique finish of the bracelet.


The Chinese Miao artisan who created this silver jewel spent hours crafting each detail by hand. He put great meaning and symbolism in his work to reflect the ancient culture he was raised in.


Tall spires represent the drum towers found in Miao villages. They were typically used as a site for sacrifices to a higher power.


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