Spires Silver Jewel: Rock 'n Roll Edge To Your Look


Add a rock and roll edge to your look with this dainty Spires silver jewel! 


The bracelets features a wide band graced by a dozen of lovely spires. Neat but sharp, it makes a clear statement of your personality and your style.


Crafted from 99.9% pure silver, your silver bracelet promises to make you the star of your special night!


Such a design is truly rare in the west!


Slip in this silver jewel now and command everyone's attention!

Heart-Shaped Silver Jewel: Perfect Love Statement


A heart-shaped silver jewel makes a special statement to the love of your life.


This gorgeous necklace is just what you're looking for. The romantic design, bright shine and intricate openwork promises to make the heart of your loved one stop a beat!


Feel lucky for owning it. It travels thousands of miles from a remote tribe in southern China to come to your hands!


The craftsmanship to make this lovely silver jewel is passed down from over 2, 000 years ago.

Butterfly Silver Jewel: Nature' Beauty On You


Silver jewels with butterflies show love and beauty unlike any other item. Such amazing details show your good eye for truly unique jewels.


This silver jewel comes from some of the most unreachable areas of southern China, it’s an incredible silver ring made by the Miao people. Just look at the details on this silver jewel, and you know these craftsmen spend a lifetime mastering traditional silversmith techniques.


Benefit from generations of experience. Wow your friends with a fantastic silver jewel today.


Get The Miao Long Butterfly Ring Here