Sunny, Bright Silver Jewel For You

The Miao flower-gong pendant

The Miao flower-gong pendant: Layered beauty

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Price in Paris:  $ 190.28
Our Direct Price:  $ 100.85

This simple yet elegant 99.9% pure silver flower pendant goes perfectly with any chain and adds a sparkling touch to your look.


A solid kettledrum stands in the middle, shining in its beautiful glory and demanding the attention of anyone who steals a glance.


Bask in the splendor of the sunflower at the core of your silver jewel and check out the carefully crafted rings near the edges.


But the real treasure lies in the six delicate petals surrounding the drum. Their thin silver slices make your silver pendant truly glisten. Fluid, open curves look like a peacock's feather and offer a rest from the rigid, structured surroundings of everyday life.