Flower Silver Jewel For A Springtime Look

The Miao big flower earrings

The Flower silver jewel captures the beauty in nature

Price in Paris:  $ 190.24
Our Direct Price:  $ 81.62

Dress up your everyday look with this  lustrous 99.9% pure flower silver jewel! 


Two handmade blossoming flowers are linked together by finely threaded silver rings.


Your face looks slimmer and more beautiful thanks to the silver fringes dangling off the bottom.


The upper flower features three layers of petals that stack on top of one another like a bright, lustrous star.


Look at the fan-shaped hem on the petals of the lower flower: it’s careful design took hours. 


Single arrowhead shapes hanging from each silver jewel add delight to your jewels.


These attractive silver earrings were crafted by a skilled Chinese Miao artisan. He sliced the silver into thin pieces, then carefully carved tiny petals on the surface.

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Unique Silver Jewels Bring You Light and Joy


The Miao big flower ring: Beautiful flower

Flower silver jewel: perfect to lighten up your look

Price in Paris:  $ 146.37
Our Direct Price:  $ 49.82

Put on this Miao silver ring, and your fingers spring alive with mysterious eastern flavor.


The exotic flower silver jewel pleases you with its carefully handcrafted petals and rare Chinese Miao touch.


Layers of lively silver spirals are nestled on a smooth silver band, the depth bringing life to your look.


Water drop-shaped petals are all connected and contain tiny, textured curls that appear to wave back and forth.


A solid silver ball in the center of your silver ring proudly shows off its amazing luster, grabbing attention and compliments. It holds all of the petals together like the brightest point in a beam of light.

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Sunny, Bright Silver Jewel For You

The Miao flower-gong pendant

Flower-Gong silver jewel: excellent craftwork

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Price in Paris:  $ 190.28
Our Direct Price:  $ 81.62

This simple yet elegant 99.9% pure flower silver jewel goes perfectly with any chain and adds a sparkling touch to your look.


A solid kettledrum stands in the middle, shining in its beautiful glory and demanding the attention of anyone who steals a glance.


Bask in the splendor of the sunflower at the core of your silver jewel and check out the carefully crafted rings near the edges.


But the real treasure lies in the six delicate petals surrounding the drum. Their thin silver slices make your silver pendant truly glisten. Fluid, open curves look like a peacock's feather and offer a rest from the rigid, structured surroundings of everyday life.

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