Peacock Silver Bracelet: The Pride of Beauty

Your peacock silver bracelet is created out of pure silver

Your 'peacock' silver bracelet is created out of pure silver

Price in Paris:  $ 137
Our Direct Price:  $ 74.2

Fashion trends of today are something that you can't take without noticing them. They are sort of ornamental designs that make a person stand out in the crowd. One of the fashion trends that never looses beauty are the silver jewelries such as the peacock silver bracelet, silver earrings and silver rings.

Peacock silver bracelets are one of the jewelries created from pure silver. They are flexible type of jewelry that makes a bold statement when being worn. They are one of the famous jewelry women are fond of wearing. However, men are also trying to catch with the trendy bracelets today.

Peacock silver bracelets are truly one of a kind. It is one of the vintage items that people buy as a perfect classy present for memorable occasions such as graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. More and more people are investing on peacock silver bracelets because it is not that prone to discoloration thanks to the myriad of cleaning products readily available to protect it from such troubles.

When you want to buy a peacock silver bracelet, consider this 99% pure peacock silver bracelet. Peacock silver bracelets need to be selected with the utmost care. If properly selected, they can serve as an ultimate expression of its wearer. Just like in any silver jewelry, peacock silver bracelets need to be bought from a trusted jeweler and made exclusively by hand of Miao craftsmen, these people are exactly related to the fine jewels that we offer you, for the reputation and ability to give the best service and value for your money.

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Peacock Silver Jewel: Be Proud As The Queen Of Birds

The Miao matching peacocks earrings: Lifelike details

Put on this gorgeous silver jewel to be proud as a peacock

Price in Paris:  $ 212.19
Our Direct Price:  $ 90.41

Wearing this handmade, 99.9%  pure silver jewel created by Miao silversmiths may make you feel just so special. Like the ‘it’ girl.


The Miao minority lives deep in southern China, out of the most traveled roads. In their culture, peacocks symbolize wealth and grace. Spread feathers express the hope for a beautiful life.


Observe the thin spirals on the feathers and wings. Each slice of silver was stretched thin, and twirled for hours to create the desired curve.


Have you noticed the seven circles hanging from each earring? Double 7’s symbolize the Chinese Valentine's Day, which falls on July 7.

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Pheasant Silver Jewels: Fashion's Cutting Edge

The Miao matching peacocks earrings: Beautiful luster

Pheasant silver jewel: lustrous shine lasting for life

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Price in Paris:  $ 212.19
Our Direct Price:  $ 90.41

Look! Lovely pheasants of this silver jewel are showing off their brilliant plumage! Put on the handcrafted earrings, and you can go anywhere with confidence that your dazzling look will impress.


Thin silver slices wind around their face and wings, vividly depicting the plumage and adding a textured, lifelike touch to your jewels.


Underneath the birds, overlapping fan-shaped feathers present a flamboyant, three-dimensional appearance.


Slightly curved silver discs top each feather, and call out for you to take a closer look.



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