Our Silver Jewels Vs .925 Sterling Silver Jewels


The Miao big flower ring: Amazing luster

The Miao big flower ring: Amazing luster

The silver jewels we offer are all crafted with 99.9% pure silver. Compared to standard 92.5% sterling silver, 99.9% pure silver is whiter, softer, and more difficult to craft into silver jewelry.


Every jewel you order comes with a certificate of authenticity stating it is in fact a 99.9% pure silver jewel.


The most immediately noticeable difference between our unique silver jewels and sterling silver is that jewelry made of 99.9% pure silver has a more beautiful color.


It's whiter, brighter, and no signs of impure metals can be seen. Putting two pieces of silver side by side, it’s very apparent which silver jewel is 99.9% pure silver and which one is sterling silver.