Mystical Silver Jewel In High Fashion

The Miao six kettledrums bracelet: Exquisite Design

Kettledrum silver jewel with exquisite designs

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Price in Paris:  $ 556.19
Our Direct Price:  $ 237.44

This handmade, 99.9% pure silver Chinese Miao silver jewel brings a warm feeling to your heart. When it’s shining on your wrist, joyful light fills every corner.


The sweet design of the bracelet features six kettledrums tied together with fine silver links. Four intricate circles form the face of each silver jewel and frame your hand beautifully.

Thin as a paper, silver slices swirl into four lovely patterns to make a solid drum. In the center is an adorable sunflower, its petals winking and smiling at those who pass by.


Whimsical coiled circles and zig-zagging lines surrounding each flower look tidy and neat. Your silver bracelet sends good wishes for a family reunion or a get-together of good friends.

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