Royal Dragon Silver Jewels Emanate Power And Wealth

The Miao dragon head earrings

Majestic Dragon Head silver jewel

Price in Paris:  $ 175.6
Our Direct Price:  $ 75.26

These spectacular, handmade dragon-head earrings are the perfect silver jewels to make you noticed in any crowd.

Handmade by a Miao craftsman, these 99.9% pure silver earrings are exact mirror images. A simple glance at the design tells anyone you are not wearing ordinary jewelry.

Look at the intricate shapes on each dragon head: this level of detail required many hours of focused work.

Well proportioned, these shimmering silver jewels highlight your face with a healthy glow. Their large loops ensure they will never slip off.


The Miao people are celebrated in China for their tradition of crafting silver jewelry. It is nearly impossible for other, less talented artists to copy their work.

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