Loving Silver Jewel for a Loving Woman

The Miao butterflies with flower earrings: Wonderful design

Love-themed silver jewel: butterfly over flowers

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Price in Paris:  $ 87.8
Our Direct Price:  $ 38.16

Hold this thin, lightweight silver jewel in your hand, and you may feel that such an intricate design came from another world.


In reality, a skilled Chinese Miao silversmith worked for hours to bend and twist each tiny 99.9% pure silver thread in this lovely Butterfly Over Flower scene.


Butterflies and flowers symbolize beauty and love in China. Notice how the butterflies are swooping in to give the flowers a soulful kiss.


This is a wonderful representation of the harmony between two of nature’s most lovely creatures.


Wear your silver jewels with pride and you’ll certainly feel closer to mother Earth.

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