Lifelike Silver Butterflies Float On Your Necklace

The Miao butterflies with flower necklace

The Miao butterflies with flower necklace: Perfect design

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Price in Paris:  $ 804.85
Our Direct Price:  $ 426.58

Have you ever experienced the sheer joy of having a butterfly settle on your shoulder or hand?


Now put on nature's perfect symbol of happiness with this exquisite 99.9% pure silver butterfly necklace.


These detailed, handmade butterflies capture the beauty of those in nature. They are in pursuit of a flower, a very joyous scene in China.


Thus, your silver jewel is not only fashionable, but also an original piece of art.


Your silver jewel was crafted by highly skilled Chinese Miao silversmiths. Such fine workmanship is rarely seen outside their small community.