Silver Jewels Show Nature, Shining From Your Ears


The delicate butterfly on these silver jewels is flying in to feast on a gleaming flower.


Look at the fine threads used to make each piece. The details on these handcrafted silver jewels can only be made by master silver artisans.


Grab these silver jewels now, and be the envy of all your friends.


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Your Silver Jewels Have Two Levels, Adding Shine


These large silver jewels attract attention the minute you walk into any room.


Look at the intricate designs that cover your silver jewels: each piece was carefully put together by hand.


Put these earrings on today and display your fine taste in silver jewels!


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Dragon Silver Jewels Shine Bright On your Ears


Dragons were a symbol of imperial power in ancient China; make these silver jewels show your power now.


Made out of 99% pure silver, these dragon silver jewels took days of careful work. Completely handcrafted by a Chinese Miao artisan, you’ll never see jewels like this again.


Give them to the one you love most today.


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Handmade Silver Jewels Expressing True Love


Finding handmade silver jewels is never easy, but this pair of silver earrings stands out in even the most discerning crowd.


Check out the hair-like threads used to make the birds on your silver jewels. Each fine piece was painstakingly put together in a process that takes years to master.


Add some spice to your look today; put on these silver jewels for a truly unique experience.


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The Miao Matching Pheasants Silver Jewels


Only silver jewels made by hand are truly unique and bring you a look unlike any other.


These handmade silver jewels cannot be copied, replicated, or redone by any jewelers in your neighborhood. In fact, they come from a tradition of making silver jewels that is thousands of years old!


Take a closer look and admire the strikingly lifelike details on your earrings. Put these silver jewels in your collection today.


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Special Video: Watch These Silver Jewels Dance


These stunning silver jewels add grace and style to your look immediately.


Made by Miao silversmiths deep in southern China, you can’t resist the charm of their intricate patterns. Imagine wearing these silver peacock earrings to your next party, or giving them to a loved one.


Grab these silver jewels for yourself before there’re gone!


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