Linked Rose Silver Jewel: Locked Together Forever

The Linked-Rose Bangle with Incredible Craftsmanship

The Linked-Rose silver jewel created with incredible craftsmanship

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Price in Paris:  $ 300
Our Direct Price:  $ 178.08

Have you ever seen such a unique 99.9% pure silver jewel?


Its sophisticated design and exquisite craftsmanship puts it in a class of its own.


What’s the secret? Miao jewelers, masters at crafting the most complicated silver jewels in the depths of southern China.


The Miao silversmith who created this handmade piece carefully cut each tiny rose and knot directly in a bar of pure silver. He then used fine, textured silver threads to connect and hold each piece in place.


Although your silver bracelet is composed of many individual shapes, its beautiful mesh work keeps it tidy and clean.

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