Silver Jewels Display An Ancient Tradition


Miao silver jewels commonly display the ancient tradition behind the culture they come from.


Look at the intricate spires reaching up from this silver bracelet. Each is made of fine silver braids, carefully wound by hand to ensure they are in the perfect spot.


Slip your hand into this silver jewel today, and show everyone just how special you are!


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Unbelievably Small Silver Jewels Link Together For Y...


These tiny silver jewels link together to give you a truly unique bracelet.


Run your eyes over every small shape: the skill required to work with such tiny pieces takes years to master.


Slide this silver jewel on your wrist today, and know what true beauty means.


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Silver Jewels With Imperial Dragons Demand Power


Look at this imperial dragon, ready to spring to life from your silver jewel.


It took days of careful engraving to make each feature of this silver jewel. The wide band feels light and cool on your wrist.


Give this silver jewel to your best friend today, or keep it for yourself and your children.


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Slide Your Hand Through These Ramarkable Silver Jewe...


Silver jewels should add only the finest sense of style and class to your look; this jewel accomplishes just that.


Handmade by Miao artisans in southern China, your silver jewel is the result of hundreds of years of tradition. It’s impossible to find such bracelets elsewhere, as the skills required to make this piece are just too difficult to master.


Put this silver jewel on your wrist now, or give it to a loved one to show them you really care.


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One Thousand Silver Jewels Just For You


Layer after layer of culture and beauty is stacked on this silver jewel.


Look at every hanging ornament: these silver jewels vividly display the talent that went into each and every piece. This bracelet was handcrafted by a skilled Chinese Miao artisan, living deep in southern China.


Put it on today and tell everyone about the special place it comes from.


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Silver Jewels On This Bracelet Catch The Light


Add brilliance to your look with these six kettledrums surrounding your silver jewel.


This bracelet was handmade by a gifted Miao artisan, and every part of this silver jewel shows you his talent. Look, each kettledrum has layer after layer of intricate designs radiating out from the center.


Clasp this silver jewel on your wrist today, and tell your friends about the ancient culture it comes from.


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