Eat, Drink, and Explore Miao Cuisine


A big banquet.                                        Photo:

As you learn about the Miao, you may think that they are wealthy people with an endless supply of silver jewels and riches. But in reality, most Miao people live a fairly simple life without many of the comforts we have in the West.


Gourmands, for example, may be quite disappointed with Miao cuisine. Living high on rocky mountains, away from popular trade routes and market places, most Miao food is quite simple, even during holidays and weddings. They do, however, have a few interesting delicacies.


The Miao: Amazing Silver Jewels and Silver Art


Miao girls' unique silver horn.  

Miao women love to dress in unique silver jewels from head to toe. They have many kinds of silver jewelry, including handmade silver headdresses, earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, and hairpins.


Silver Headdresses


Huge Miao silver headdress are just one kind of special silver jewels only worn on special occasions like weddings or significant holidays.  The horns, hood, and hat are the three main parts of their silver headdresses.


More Than Unique Silver Jewels? Interesting Miao Dat...


Girls dance to Lusheng music.  Photo:

Holidays, social activities, and even wedding ceremonies all offer good opportunities for young Miao people to show off their silver jewels and meet.


The Miao start to sing love songs, craft silver jewels, and play various musical instruments at a young age, because these are important and must-have skills for them to capture their lover's heart.


Miao Music, an Intoxicating, Natural Sound


Singing and dancing.           Photo:

Music is an important part of Miao life, and music is a way to express their feelings. So whether during a banquet to welcome guests from far away, a wedding, or a funeral, you can always enjoy their colorful, unique music performances while admiring their silver jewelry.


Miao music is characterized by its high pitches and sweet melodies. The Miao like to mimic all sounds of nature to give their music a wild sound.